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Red Anthem Towel

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Buy one of the Anthem towels and show dislike for any protest during the National Anthem. Take your towel to the local/college/national stadiums, to include high school football, college football, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, Hockey, Softball, Basketball, etc. to get the movement started. For 50 seconds after the Anthem is complete, chant U.S.A as loud as possible, Let FREEDOM Roar! Let’s get back to being a United Country make a difference and get back to having fun at OUR sporting events.

Anthem Towel Sticker

Price: $4

Free shipping

Show your support with an Anthem Towel sticker! Great for Automobiles. Laptops, windows, doors or any place you want to show your pride. A great way to show your support for our great Nation and standing during the Anthem. The Anthem movement has started, help it spread across the Nation. #50secondsforOldGlory

White Towel

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The person who takes the best flag picture every month will be given a free towel from Anthem Towels as a prize.